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Nominet extend available registration period for UK domain names.

UK domain names are now available to register for any period of one to ten years. In 2012 Nominet extended the available registration period from the previous fixed '2 year' to a one to ten year variable registration period. This applies to all variants of the UK domain name (,,

Further information Regarding UK domain names is available here.

Domain Registry of America/Canada/Europe/New Zealand


Previously calling themselves the "Internet Registry of America/Canada", the DRoA/C has already received negative press coverage for sending renewal notices that looked similar to a government notice. DRoA/C originally started in the domain registration business as a reseller of Tucows. Our sources tell us that they were kicked out of Tucows due to these questionable business practices and it is reported that a number of other companies have already taken legal action or are in the process of doing so including the Office of Fair Trading.

There are a number of domain registration companies looking to grow their businesses by stealing business from other companies. While we welcome fair competition in the marketplace, some companies believe the best way to win business is to solicit existing domain name registrants from other companies. Wherever possible, these companies will target registrants and trick them into moving their domain registration business. Often you find that you renew the domain and lose services such as email / webmail etc as well as customer support.

As a company that has worked hard and operated a business based on openness, honesty and good customer support since 1999, we have lost a number of customers that did not realize the notices were NOT from us. The letters sent are generic, yet formal. They don't state "The Domain Name Registry of America wants your business" or "DROA is offering your a better deal" and they certainly don't say, "switch to DROA"…

Companies such as the DROA and those with with similar business practices are what is know as "domain slamming" - the legal view is that this practice clearly constitutes a “deceptive marketing practice” and may, depending on the view of the courts, also constitute outright fraud, an offence punishable under the criminal code with fine or imprisonment.” under both US and European law.

As stated earlier if any of our customers wish to transfer their domain to the Domain Name Registry of America or any of their other alter-ego's they must contact us, we will then explain our position and them - if you still wish to transfer your domain to the DROA after this, they are free to do so.

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Free Webmail with all domains! are now pleased to provide, as standard with all domain name registrations, Webmail. This exciting feature gives you the ability to check your POP3 e-mail inboxes and compose new messages from any Web browser, on any computer, anywhere in the world. The Webmail system includes, Enhanced Calendar, this handy feature allows you to manage appointments (tasks) on a quarterly, annual, or daily basis. The service is ideal for people who frequently travel or who need to access their e-mail from remote locations.

For further information about Webmail click here.

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